Essentials of Microsoft Project

The Project Plan

Workshop description:

At the end of this two day course the participant knows what information is needed for a project, how to enter and edit a project plan and how to print reports with the appropriate information for the various project stakeholders.

You will learn to:

  • Set calendar and work time for the project

  • Enter and organize a task list

  • Edit a tasks

  • Enter resource, duration and cost estimates

  • Develop a schedule

  • Optimize the schedule

  • Save a baseline

  • Enter and analyze actual data

Target Audience:

Project team members, project leaders and project managers who what to use a software tool to schedule project activities.


The participant has the following computer skills on either the Macintosh or Windows platform: use a mouse, scroll through documents, choose menu commands, enter and edit text, open, save and print documents.  

Course Outline

Module One - What is Project Management

  • Project Management Defined

  • Using Microsoft Project as a Tool

  • The Microsoft Project Screen

Module Two- Enter General Project Information

  • Set Project Options

  • Set the Working Time

  • Enter Project Start Date

  • Enter Overall Project Information

Module Three- Enter and Organize Tasks

  • Enter Tasks

  • Enter Milestones

  • Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete Tasks

  • Organize Tasks in an Outline

  • Use Filters to Display Specific Project Information

Module Four- Enter Resource Data

  • Create a Resource Pool

  • Change a Resource Calendar

Module Five- Assign Resources(s) to Tasks

  • Estimate Task Duration & Work

  • How Project calculates resource assignment

  • Assign a resource to a task

  • Assign a resource to work varying amount of time to a task

Module Six- Enter and View Project Costs

  • View resource costs

  • Assign a different cost rate to a resource

  • Enter Fixed cost for a task

Module Seven- Set Task Relationships

  • Attributes of Task Relationships

  • Types of Task Relationships

  • Enter Task Relationships

  • Enter Lead and Lag Time

  • Task Constraints

  • Change Task Relationships

Module Eight- Print the Schedule

  • Formatting the Gantt Chart

  • Creating Headers and Footers

  • Print Preview

  • Print the Gantt Chart

Module Nine- Optimize the Plan

  • Change Task Duration

  • Change Task Relationships

  • Reassign Resources

  • Change Task Costs

  • Find Resource Conflicts

  • Use Microsoft Project to Level Resources

Module Ten- Overview of Tracking

  • Terminology and Definitions

  • Tracking Methods

  • Save the Baseline Schedule

  • Use a Tracking Gantt

Module Eleven- Collect and Record Actual Project Data

  • Enter Actual Data for Tasks on Schedule

  • Enter Actual Data for Task not on Schedule

  • Enter Actual Cost Data

  • Reschedule Task

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