Multiple Projects and Project Reporting
Microsoft Project Intermediate I

Workshop description:

At the end of this one-day workshop the participant, acquires the skills to manage schedules and resources over multiple projects. Additionally the participant learns to identify and present the appropriate project data required for project reporting. This is a hands-on course. The participant consolidates several projects and then analysis different project scenarios of this multiple project. In addition the participant practices sending project information via e-mail. The participant is encouraged to bring a disk copy of a current project to use in the class.

You will learn to:

  • Consolidate multiple projects in a master file

  • Create task links between projects

  • Manage resources working on multiple projects

  • Share project information with Excel, Word, e-mail, and PowerPoint

  • Identify project communication requirements and print appropriate reports

Target Audience:

Users of Microsoft Project who manage several projects and share project information to stakeholders with different project expectations.


The participant has taken the Microsoft Project Introduction Course

Course Outline

Module One-Overview

  • Organizing multiple projects

  • Security options available

  • Set up a Workspace

Module Two-Common Resource Pool

  • Share a resource pool with several projects

  • Analyze resource usage in multiple projects

  • Resolve resource conflicts over multiple projects

Module Three-Consolidate Projects

  • Combine several projects in one file

  • Create external dependencies

  • View external dependencies

  • Break an external dependency

  • Analyze multiple project schedules and resource usage

Module Four-Link Project Data

  • Link task data between projects

  • Edit and view project links

Module Five-Print Project Data Required for your Projects

  • Identify who gets what when

  • Using project filters

  • Customizing filters

  • Choose and format the appropriate table

  • Choose the required filter

  • Choose and format the appropriate view

Module Six-Print Project Reports

  • Choose the reports you require print project reports

  • Format and edit reports

Module Seven-Use e-mail to Send and Receive Project Data

  • Send project assignments to resources

  • Receive and update task status from resources

  • Send a project file via e-mail

Module Eight-Import and Export Project Data

  • Export project data to Excel or Word

  • Import project data to Excel or Word

  • Copy project data to PowerPoint


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