Problem Solving
Using Quality Tools 

Workshop Description:

This two-day workshop covers choosing the appropriate quality tools to improve project processes and take advantage of opportunities.  A problem-solving model is presented with an emphasis of applying the suitable tool(s) each step of the way. An emphasis is placed on intertwining both the data and team knowledge to improve decision-making.

This is a hands-on course.  The participants work in small groups to apply the quality tools to a problem from a case study.

You will learn to:

  • Match a tool with a specific situation in the problem solving process.

  • Use a step-by-step approach for each tool.

  • How to analysis and interpret the results of each tool.

  • Know what the appropriate situation is for the use of each tool.

Target Audience:

Team leaders, team members, project managers, or program managers who desire to use a structured processes for improving project and product processes.

Course  Outline

Module One-Problem Solving Model

  • Type of Problems

  • Problem Solving Process- Storyboarding improvement

  • Identify the Team

  • Divergent Convergent Thinking

Module Two-Define Problem

  • Overview

  • Collect Data

  • Flow Charts-Picturing the process

  • Run Chart- Tracking data trends over time

  • Control Chart- Identifying sources of process variation over time

  • Write Problem Statement

Module Three-Identify Root Cause(s)

  • Fishbone- Dealing with causes not symptoms

  • Check Sheets- Gathering data

  • Analysis data with a Pareto Chart- Focusing on key issues

Module Four-Choose Solution

  • Nominal Group Technique (NGT)-Generating ideas

  • Prioritization Matrix- Choosing an action plan

Module Five-Implement Solution

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